Tackle Tips : Bladed Jigs - Hunter


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FLW bass fishing tournament angler John Hunter is back on the water to talk about bladed jigs (sometimes called a chatterbait) and the tackle/gear you will need to fish one effectively. John begins with the seasons where the bladed jig excels. He then goes into the importance of color selection and weight. His tips here will help you save some money and not overload your tackle box with too many choices. John suggest the Cashion F90474b Frog Rod for Chatterbait Fishing. Find out what reel and line John suggests for this technique.

Main Bladed Jig Topics

  • 0:55 What is a bladed jig
  • 2:15 Colors for a bladed jig
  • 2:55 When to use white
  • 3:10 What sizes you need
  • 3:25 Trailers for bladed jigs
  • 4:20 Rod and reel for a bladed jig
  • 6:25 When to throw a bladed jig

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