Former FLW tournament angler and 2019 MLF Bass Pro Tour commentator JT Kenney joins The Bass University on the water to talk about punching matted vegetation, which is one of his favorite ways to catch fish. In this 19-minute bass fishing class, JT Kenney goes through all the key concepts of catching bass in matted vegetation by punching through the mats with the proper equipment setup.

  • The weight size you will need for punching through matted vegetation
  • The hook and the best knot to tie for this technique
  • The type of bait that JT Kenney recommends for punching grass canopies
  • What is a vampire bass? Does JT Kenney want to catch them?
  • What kind of grass mats are we looking for?
  • Rod & reels JT Kenney uses to punch matted vegetation
  • What else can you punch besides grass?
  • Flappies or no flappies, learn when to fish each one

If you're interested in learning to fish matted vegetation, this is a great starting point for getting the right tackle and mindset. If you want to learn more about locating bass in grass mats, check out Locating Bass in Grass Beds and Vegetation with JT Kenney & Punching, Flipping & Pitching for BIG Bass.

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