Prespawn Spinnerbait Fishing On the Water - Gluszek

Pete Gluszek loves to fish spinnerbaits, and he likes to try different color combinations, particularly with the blades. Pete is fishing during the pre spawn period as bass have not yet moved up and locked in on beds, but they are transititioning to shallower water and feeding up for the spawn. This is a great time to fish spinnerbaits and Pete shares a lot of secret tips and techniques in this 18-minute spinnerbait bass fishing video.

Main Spinnerbait Fishing Topics

  • 1:00 Using painted blades on spinnerbaits
  • 1:30 Breaking down cover
  • 2:30 Using your rod to control the spinnerbait
  • 3:25 Targeting isolated cover
  • 5:45 Adjusting your rod position for water depth
  • 6:40 Fishing rod specs
  • 7:25 Using the pitch cast
  • 8:25 Fishing the front of cover
  • 13:00 Moving to high percentage areas
  • 14:50 Utilizing the wind

In this video, Pete shares fishing tips and information about:

  • Approaching cover like laydowns and fishing them effectively
  • Best casting techniques to get in the places where bass are most likely to be waiting to ambush prey
  • Understanding bass movement based on the size of bass you are catching in pre spawn
  • What is slow-rolling a spinnerbait?
  • Helping determine the difference between bass strikes and the bait coming over or through limbs to maximize strikes
  • Efficiently working through low-percentage areas without cover or proper structure
  • How wind effects a spinnerbait bite

If you want to learn more about spinnerbait fishing for bass, we recommend you check out Spinnerbait & Buzzbait Seasonal Success. If you are interested in learning more about power fishing in the pre spawn, we recommend Pre-Spawn Power Tactics.

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