In this video, bass fishing tournament angler Kurt Dove talks about fishing jerkabits in every season. He talks about how largemouth and smallmouth differ in the summer. He discusses the areas that are key for locating smallmouth bass and the depths to target with the bait. Kurt shares the details about casting and working the bait back to the boat in ways that attract bass and generate bites from fish, including a tip that Kurt reports is a Bass University TV exclusive. He goes on to discuss the importance of the pause length in warmer and colder water situations. Kurt reviews the hookset technique and ensuring that you get your fish landed in the boat. Kurt Dove also talks about landing the fish. Does he swing them in and what other ways does he land bass on this treble-hooked bait?

Jerkbait Fishing Tips & Tricks

  • 0:25 Identifying key areas 
  • 1:45 How to fish the jerkbait
  • 2:45 Cadence
  • 4:30 Key tip: up jerk 
  • 6:45 Hooking the fish 
  • 9:05 Don't try to overpower the fish 
  • 9:50 Landing the fish 

As with his other on-the-water classes, Fishing Jerkbaits in Every Season, Kurt Dove is fishing the Ima Flit 120 Jerkbait.

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