Jerkbait fishing is not just a winter and pre-spawn tactic, though it is great during those times. FLW pro John Hunter is hear to advocate the fishing of jerkbaits throughout the year, in every season. John Hunter will talk about what type of jerkbaits you want to use in each season, as well as modifications you might want to make to maximize your effectiveness given the bass mood and location. John covers:

  • Ice-out to 50 degrees
  • Changes to make for jerkbait fishing in clearer water where fish may be on deeper ledges
  • Jerkbait fishing in the post-spawn
  • What to look for in the summertime, in the North and South of the U.S.
  • Areas to target in the fall
  • Triggering bites from non-committal bass (pay attention to how the fish take the jerkbait)
  • Can you fish a jerkbait in stained and dirty water?
  • His favorite all-around jerkbait, the 6th Sense Provoke 106
  • Changing factory hooks for buoyancy and better hookups, particularly when fish are nipping at the bait Gamakatsu Aaron Martens TGW Nano Finesse Treble Hook and watch this bass fishing instructional video to see what sizes John Hunter recommends
  • What line size and type to use for fishing jerkbaits?
  • What's John's Favorite Cashion Rod for fishing a jerkbait?
  • How to stop losing bass on a jerkbait

If you're looking for a great tutorial on how to catch fish with a jerkbait all year long, know what areas to target, what equipment to use and modifications to make to ensure you get bass to the boat on a jerkbait, then this is the perfect bass fishing instructional video for you. If you're looking for even more instructional videos on fishing jerkbaits, we recommend you also check out Jerkbaits all Year & Jerkbaits by Water Temperature.

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