Introduction to Ned Rig Fishing - Dove

Kurt Dove is an accomplished BASS and FLW tournament angler and Lake Amistad fishing guide. Today, he's on the water to discuss a little rig that catching lots of bass. It's called the Ned rig. This simple finesse lure is great for fishing clear water and pressured/innactive bass. In this fishing instructional video, Kurt talks will get you started on the road to success with fishing the Ned rig.

Ned Rig Fishing Topics

  • 0:40 Where did the ned rig come from?
  • 1:25 Selecting a ned worm
  • 2:10 Selecting a hook 
  • 6:30 Rod and reel for a ned rig
  • 9:20 Line size
  • 11:05 Where to throw a ned rig
  • 14:45 Dock fishing 
  • 17:05 Rock fishing 
  • 18:45 Ned rig presentation
  • 19:55 Fishing grass lines
  • 22:35 Ned rig in wood cover

What you'll need to fish the Ned rig:

Where/when/how you fish the Ned rig:

  • Kurt starts with his first recommendation, which is where NOT to fish the Ned rig
  • Docks, hard cover, rocks, grass lines and more
  • This is a clear water technique, that can be used in stained water, but Kurt doesn't recommend it for muddy water
  • Sizes, lure action & technique for fishing the Ned rig in different situations

If you like fishing the shaky head, drop shot and neko rig, then this is a technique you'll want to add to your arsenal. Each technique excels in different ways, and the tips in this video will help you quickly become familiar and comfortable with tying on a Ned rig and fishing for bass.

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