Major League Fishing pro Jared Lintner loves punching grass mats for big bass. In this video, he's fishing Lake Seminole in the late winter/early spring. Learn the secret bass fishing tips, tactics and techniques for punching matted vegetation in this 30-minute on the water class.

  • 0:29 Some of Jared Lintner's favorite things to flip/punch. Areas to look for when punching.
  • 1:17 Equipment recap, including the Ritual Angling R-II Series Casting Rods & Sunline FX2 Braid. Jared also talks about the weight size, hook and bait.
  • 2:42 Learn the high percentage areas for flipping/punching the matted grass
  • 4:10 Various types of bites to expect and retrieves to try for different conditions and seasons
  • 9:38 Bait selection: Jackall Archelon, for example, is a great bait for punching matted vegetation
  • 10:07 Switching hands with the rod after making a flip or pitch
  • 12:14 Can there be too much grass cover?
  • 14:35 Quite lure entry into the water with a big craw bait and big tungsten weight
  • 18:05 Drag settings for punching matted vegetation for bass
  • 24:18 Ensuring you don't disturb key spots as you approach the grass mat
  • 28:03 Not getting stuck in the grass or getting debris on your bait each cast

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