How to Flip Heavy Cover for Bass - Bobby Lane

Bass University TV instructor Bobby Lane is back on the water in this 18-minutes tutorial video to demonstrate a tachnique that he's mastered, which is flipping & pitching heavy cover for big bass! In a previous class, he talked about Flipping Tackle for Beginners & Pros, where he covers the equipment that he likes to use when flipping in mats and pads. That class includes rod, reel, line, hooks and bait suggestions as well as rigging, so if you haven't seen it yet, we suggest you check it out first.

In this video, Bassmaster Elite series tournament champion Bobby Lane will demonstrate how to flip & pitch in heavy cover. He shares some important things to remember when approaching the areas you want to flip, particularly as it relates to boat control, positioning and not spooking bass. Lane elaborates on why he only uses left-handed reels for flipping & pitching. He talks about how fish position and setup around thick cover, like lily pads and grass mats and how to pick apart the cover to select the right targets. Once you've selected the best areas, also knowing when to expect the bite and how to ensure you're ready to reel down and get the hook set.

Do you want to catch multiple big bass? Sure, most people would prefer land more big fish. Bobby Lane discusses some secret tips that will help you follow up success with more success. Look for subtle differences in the cover that other guys may not see. Lane suggests using good polarized eyewear, he wears Costa Del Mar Sunglasses. Bobby Lane goes on to demonstrate his technique, including catching some bass out of the thick slop.

For more information on learning to flip and pitch for bass, be sure to check out these other Bass University TV classes: The Grass Wizard's Grass Flipping SecretsFlipping & Pitching Heavy Cover & Flipping & Pitching for Beginners and Pros.

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