How to Fish for Big Prespawn Bass - On the Water - Gluszek

In Pete's previous on the water fishing class, he talked about Baits & Tackle for Prespawn Fishing. In this class, he's out fishing and demonstrating some techniques he uses to catch prespawn bass.

Prespawn Fishing Locations

Pete Gluszek visits 3 typical prespawn bass fishing locations and talks about what makes them great places to fish in the early spring. At some point, fish going to spawning flats have to transition from their wintering (deep water) locations, they don't do it all at once, and they don't swim straight there. This transition time provides a great opportunity to catch some of the biggest bass of the year, and the best part is, they are also often very willing to eat. Watch this video and learn what characteristics to look for in a potential prespawn location, including the types of cover to look out for as you navigate the waterway.

You will also learn: the geographical locations to target when looking for the prespawn transition areas, determining fish locations by water temperature, baits to effectively fish locations based on cover density, weather and other factors, and more! Pete will talk about locating a good spawning flat and where to go from there to find prespawn fish, if they haven't moved up onto the bed yet.

Fast Baits

In this prespawn bass fishing video, a good deal of time Pete is fishing a Rapala Ike's Custom Ink DT Series Crankbaits in Demon Color. He's using this bait to quickly cover shoreline areas, but he's not just looking to burn the bait through and elicit a strike from a meandering bass. Learn how Pete uses a fast-moving search bait to locate key staging areas, like transition banks and isolated underwater cover. Pete also shares what to do when you find prime casting targets, but don't get a bite.

Slow Baits (Bottom Contact Baits)

Pete is also fishing a Tungsten Jig, particularly around hard cover or isolated cover, like trees, stumps and rocks. He discusses and demonstrates approaching cover and picking it apart with a jig. In particular, he demonstrates how he efficiently fishes a large dock system, breaking it down mentally into the highest percentage areas, to achieve the highest probability of catching a good fish. Pete's assessment is correct as he's rewarded with a nice fat 4lb+ prespawn largemouth bass. 

Is This Fishing Video for Me?

This fishing video is very likely for you if you are interested in the following:

  • Locating bass that move into shallow water in the spring (This could be either bass that are on beds or are transitioning from wintering areas)
  • Fishing for bass with jigs and crankbaits
  • Determining high percentage areas that will likely hold bass
  • Picking apart a dock and fishing it effectively
  • You want to see what typical prespawn bass fishing locations look like

Prespawn Bass Fishing Video Chapters

  • 0:15 Fishing prespawn conditions & areas to look for
  • 3:08 How to fish a prespawn staging area, like a dock
  • 6:23 Where to look for bass if they aren't prespawn
  • 7:21 Focus on prime prespawn areas
  • 9:18 Searching for prespawn bass with a crankbait
  • 16:21 When to change fishing strategies
  • 18:38 Let's check out more prespawn areas
  • 21:11 Various types of cover
  • 26:50 Making bait changes
  • 36:34 Going back over prespawn areas that may be productive
  • 38:24 What is the developing pattern?
  • 39:33 Fishing a broken dock near a spawning cove
  • 44:47 Don't be satisfied with a bad cast

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