Former BASS Elite Series bass tournament angler and current FLW Pro John Hunter is back on the water to demonstrate fishing a jerkbait. John has already discussed the tackle and seasonal patterns for jerkbait fishing in an earlier video. John is moving around talking about what to look for and how to fish a jerkbait. He covers one of the biggest topics, which is what he thinks about "cadence". John Hunter also talks about:

  • Tips for fishing the jerkbait in winter
  • Envisioning a bass following your lure and how to generate strikes from reluctant "lookers"
  • Detecting the bite, setting the hook & maximizing your chance of landing a bass on a jerkbait
  • Approaching a dock with a jerkbait
  • Catching multiple bass off a single spot with a jerkbait
  • What makes the jerkbait such a great co-angler bait in bass fishing tournaments?
  • Keeping a bait in the strike zone longer
  • Prespawn and postspawn phases and staging areas
  • Fishing points with a jerkbait
  • Difference between good conditions for smallmouth fishing and largemouth fishing

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jerkbaits john hunter on the water