Gerald Swindle's Summer Ledge Fishing Techniques

Gerald Swindle, 2-time BASS angler of the Year, is out fishing for some deep summer bass with his Summer Ledge Fishing Starting Line Up Lures. Gerald is going to take you step-by-step through elimating lures and keying in on the right bait, according to the current conditions. In this video, Gerald has located some bass on the graph. Follow along as he positions his boat and how to do it properly according to your waypoints. Learn how Gerald progresses through baits to account for conditions, fishing pressure, what the fish are eating and simply what baits will come through/over the structure/cover in a way that will facilitate catching bass.

In his first video on summer lure lineup, Gerald introduced some of his favorite baits to fish summer ledges. In this video, Gerald fishes and talks about progressing through Tokyo rigs, drop shots, crankbaits, jigs and his other favorites to key in on what will trigger bass bites. See how Gerald interacts with his electronics as he's fishing to be sure he's still on the fish and make additional adjustments. As you'll learn in this video, even with a starting lineup, sometimes conditions and bass behavior will dictate that you've got to tie on something you hadn't originally planned on throwing, but, if you're open-minded and listen to what the fish are telling you, you can still catch them.

Gerald also covers these interesting topics in this hour-long on the water bass fishing class:

  • Why do the fish often "turn on" in the evenings during the summer?
  • How to lose less fish when fish are taking your worm on a drop shot rig.
  • What if there are lots of white bass in my spot?
  • A great bait to throw when the shad start dying and falling to the bottom.

As Gerald advises, "Don't wait for opportunity to come knocking, walk up to the door and kick it in". This summer, get out there and show them different colors and actions. If you see them on the graph, don't just throw out a jig and a crankbait and move on. Give them several different looks instead of just declaring, "These bass aren't biting!".

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