Frog Fishing Tip & Techniques - Ike and Pete

Frog Fishing Tip & Techniques - Ike and Pete


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In this 3-part on-the-water instructional fishing video, Mike Iaconelli and Pete Gluszek discuss fishing topwater frogs for bass.

Frog Fishing: Part 1

Equipment & Walking the Dog

Pete Gluszek talks about the finer details of walking the dog that he learned from fishing with Ish Monroe. Mike talks about the preferred equipment setup for frog fishing.

Frog Fishing: Part 2

Where to Fish Frogs

Mike and Pete talk about some of the best places to fish frogs. Frogs are great in matted vegetation, but there are other dynamite places to toss a frog.

Frog Fishing: Part 3

Ike Demonstrates Bait Modifications

Iaconelli discusses and demonstrates out-of-the-pack hollow-bodied topwater frog modifications covered in Frog and Big Bass Fishing - Ish Monroe.

  • Frog skirt modification
  • Hook alteration for better hookups
  • Changing the sound

You can learn more of Ish's secrets by watching Frog and Big Bass Fishing - Ish Monroe

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