Fishing Beaver-Style Baits Like D Bomb - Dave Mansue

In this on the water bass fishing instruction video, Dave Mansue talks about fishing beaver-style baits, like the Missile Baits D Bomb. This is a great video for beginners as Dave Mansue covers many bass fishing funadamental principles for fishing shallow water cover, like grass, bushes or trees.

Main Shallow Water Fishing Topics

  • 0:45 Fishing rising water
  • 1:30 Difference between flipping and pitching
  • 3:25 Quiet entry
  • 5:15 What does the bite feel like
  • 8:00 How to set the hook
  • 9:00 Why use heavy line
  • 10:00 How to land fish in heavy cover

Dave starts off by discussing the differences in flipping and pitching techniques and how to execute both, with a goal of quite lure entry as to not disturb the bass, which you will often target in shallow water when fishing the D Bomb and Baby D Bomb. He continues by sharing how to detect bites after the lure enters the water and how to react. Lastly, he shares about setting the hook on those fish and techniques for fighting the fish out of cover to ensure that you land them.

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