Flipping & Pitching Cover - Randall Tharp

Flipping & Pitching Cover - Randall Tharp

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Bassmaster Elite series angler and flipping & pitching expert Randall Tharp conducts a 45-minute seminar on these two killer techniques.


Randall shares why pitching is such a stealth, precise and killer approach to putting your lure into tight places to get bites. He shows his pitching technique and motion to get baits to enter the water without a ripple. Randall shares about hooksets and scenarios for how long to let the fish have the bait. He explores the types of cover he likes to pitch & flip, how to approach it, and how to present the bait in a way that gets bites.

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The information is very valuable, priceless, it has helped me catch more fish on the water and improve my tournament fishing.
- Steven C.