Bass fishing tournament champion Mike "Ike" Iaconelli is on the water to conduct a 3rd and final on the water class about topwater lures, specifically prop baits, poppers and walking baits, which Mike introduced in the Topwater Lures class. In his second class, Iaconelli talks about Topwater Rods, Reels & Line. In this final video, he will demonstrate fishing the lures.

  • Walking Baits - Ike talks about when & where he's fishing these baits. He shares some secrets about the cast and retrieve. Most importantly, Iaconelli talks about how to "walk the dog" and impart the proper side-to-side action on walking-style or pencil baits.
  • Poppers - Mike discusses when & where to fish popping topwater baits for bass. What type of forage these baits mimic? Where do I cast poppers? How do I make these topwater lures pop? Iaconelli answers these questions and more in this bass fishing instructional video.
  • Prop baits - How do prop baits differ from walking baits and poppers? How can I make my prop baits spit water? How do I work the prop bait to get bass to bite?

If you want to know more about topwater fishing, check out Topwater Bass Fishing Tactics with Shaw Grigsby

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