Bassmaster Elite Series bass fishing tournament angler and 2017 MLF champion Bobby Lane is back on the water in Florida to demonstrate fishing the Yo-Zuri Hardcore Vibe 75mm. In a previous class, Bobby Lane talked about the tackle he uses to fish this Yo-Zuri lipless crankbait. Lane talks about the location he selected to throw this lipless crankbait. He's fishing in the fall so the fish should be actively feeding around a grassy area that he's located.

Lane talks about how the gear (rod, reel &  line) he uses helps him to effectively fish this bait and detect bites. In this video, you will also learn:

  • Techniques for fishing a lipless crankbait for bass
  • What to do when your bait gets down in the grass, get it out & trigger strikes!
  • Why the Yo-Zuri hardcore vibe excels in the fall, and how Lane's preferred retrieve imitates the dying baitfish that bass  are likely targeting this time of year
  • Seasonal change from fall to winter and how that effects bass movement and fishing this lipless crankbait
  • If you're not catching them, don't be afraid to deviate from the standard "chunk 'n' wind" retrieve. Many anglers will immediately switch baits if they are getting bites with this retrieve. Bobby Lane urges you to explore different retrieves, because you are probably missing a lot of potential bites with a 1-dimensional apprach to fishing a lipless crankbait.
  • Bobby Lane has some additional advice to catch additional bass once you get one in the boat.

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