Fishing Squarebill Crankbaits - Kevin Short

Previously, bass tournament fishing angler Kevin Short talked about Tackle for Fishing Squarebill Crankbaits. Now, he's back on the water to talk about where and how to fish the bait.

Main Suqarebill Fishing Topics

  • 0:35 Identifying good squarebill cover
  • 1:25 Contacting the cover
  • 3:15 What does the squarebill do in cover
  • 6:45 Breaking down the cover
  • 10:40 Boat positioning 
  • 23:00 Fishing a crankbait in heavy cover
  • 25:45 Underhand roll cast
  • 27:20 Multiple casts on a target
  • 34:55 Retrieve speed
  • 36:55 Fishing a crankbait around rocks 
  • 40:00 Managing fish that aren't hooked good 

Kevin Short begins by talking about targets, specifically, how he approaches laydowns. For instance, what he's ideally looking for in a laydown. After identifying a target, Short will also talk about casting into the cover and the keys to triggering strikes when fishing a squarebill crankbait through the cover. Since many lakes have sparse cover, you want to maximize your opportunities fishing shoreline cover. Learn how to approach the cover to ensure the bass in the cover get good looks at the bait before you disturb their habitat.  Because this is a shallow water technique, it's important to know how close to get to the cover, how to use your power-poles and electronics, and how to minimize noise, both on the water and in the water. Learn how water clarity effects how close you can get.

Not all laydowns or shoreline cover will hold bass. Kevin also talks about how long he'll work a piece of cover and a follow-up bait recommendation if you feel like there may still be fish in the tree that didn't bite the squarebill. Additionally, each piece of cover is different, so use what you learn about the bites you get to help figure out the puzzle of where bass are and how they want the bait presented. While figuring out the pattern, you'll need to cover water. This video will also teach you how to maximize your time and catch more bass while idling around and fishing areas where the squarebill may not produce bass bites.

As you can imagine, fishing a treble-hooked bait around cover is going to result in some hangups. Short shares a key set of tips in this video that will help any angler save baits, save money and not disturb a good fishing area. Learn how Kevin works the bait to feel the cover, get great action from the bait and minize hangups. Invariably you will eventially get hung up when fishing a crankbait in cover. Kevin talks about techniques for getting a bait loose from cover when it gets hung up, how to proceeed if those techniques don't work, and how to approach getting your bait out as to not ruin the piece of cover, if possible. Even though throwing a crankabit in cover does come with a risk of getting hung up, Kevin Short believes that the payoff is worth the risk and time invested in getting the bait free from sticks, trees, laydowns and other cover.

Once you get the bite, Kevin talks about different ways the bass may bite the bait, resulting in varying hookups. Some bass willl have the bait all the way in their mouth and some may be barely hooked with the back treble. Mr. Short discusses how his equipment, and how the fish is hooked determines how to land a fish and maximizing the number of fish you successfully land.

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