Fishing Shallow Water Cover : Flipping & Pitching - Elam

Professional bass tournament fishing angler James Elam is back to talk about fishing shallow cover, primarily flipping and pitching jigs and creature baits, but also testing the waters with a spinnerbait and a topwater frog.

The first thing he's going to do is discuss how he approaches the cover. Learn tips and tricks to keep from spooking fish as you approach shoreline cover. Then he talks about the types of baits that he will use as he goes down a stretch of bank. Learn the things to do when approaching shoreline cover and picking apart things like laydown trees and overhangs.

Check out the baits James fished in this shallow water cover fishing video, as he tries to piece together the puzzle of what the bass are doing during this day on the lake:

  • Molix Creature - James's go-to bait for flipping shallow water cover.
  • Molix Freaky Flip - an ideal bait for flipping and pitching that can penetrate heavy cover and vegetation. James recommends pegging when flipping and pitching this soft plastic into cover.
  • Molix Sneaky Frog - A great topwater lure that can dance in place, can be fished with braid and comes through cover well.
  • Molix FS Spinnerbait

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