Fishing River Pilings & Current Bait Selection - Gluszek

BASS professional tournament fishing angler Pete "The Dean" Gluszek is on the water, fishing a river system and talking about objects that break the current, how fish setup on them and how to fish them. Pete is talking about a piling in the water, he points out the where the current is flowing, how it breaks around the piling and how that effects the current, which determines where the fish setup. Pete them talks about his targets for casting and what baits he might use to approach these breaks in the current. Where will the big fish setup on current breaks? Pete talks about where you will likely find the strongest fish, as they are waiting for food to come by.

"The Dean of the Bass University" also talks about seasonal patterns, and when you should expect to find bass throughout the year, from winter, into pre-spawn, spawn, post-spawn into summer and fall.

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