Fishing for Bass with the Panic Box - Iaconelli


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Fishing for Bass with the Panic Box - Iaconelli


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Mike Iaconelli, professional bass fishing tournament angler and host of 'Fish My City' travel destination fishing show on Nat Geo WILD, is back on the water with The Bass Univeristy to help you catch more bass when conditions are tough and bass won't bite. Previously, Mike introduced some finesse lures from his bad day disaster recovery plan, The Bass Fishing Panic Box. In this follow-up video, Iaconelli discusses how to fish the lures that he introduced in the previous video. He talks about how he selects the best finesse lure to match what he would be fishing under ideal conditions. He even breaks down specifics, like:

  • Grub tail styles to use for varying water and temperature conditions
  • Fishing a finesse jerkbait, like the 3" Rapala X-Rap Jerkbait
  • Triggering bites when the bass aren't actively feeding
  • Imparting action to the bait for a natural presentation

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Priceless, it has helped me catch more fish on the water and improved my tournament fishing.
- Steven C