Fishing Bladed Jigs & Chatterbaits - Hunter


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Fishing Bladed Jigs & Chatterbaits - Hunter


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FLW Pro bass fishing tournament angler John Hunter is back on the water to talk about how to fish with Bladed Jigs (or chatterbaits), which he calls a hybrid between a spinnerbait and a squarebill. John will talk about the different retrieves, how to fish it, the right conditions to throw this lure, knowing you got a bite & locations that are great to fish bladed jigs. In this video, John Hunter also encourages you to gain confidence in fishing the chatterbait, when the conditions are right.

Chatterbait Topics

  • 1:20 Using the steady retrieve 
  • 1:45 Adding erratic action
  • 2:25 The fluttering retrieve 
  • 5:20 Where to throw a bladed jig
  • 5:50 When to throw a bladed jig
  • 9:00 Identifying the bite 

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