Fishing a Spinnerbait in Tannic Water - JT Kenney

JT Kenney is on the water in Florida fishing tannic water. Tannic water is common in Florida, and can be found almost everywhere across the country. It's caused by tannins in decaying vegetation. JT Kenney has some spinnerbait secrets that will help you catch fish in these tea-stained water color conditions. In this 24-minute bass fishing class, JT Kenney talks about:

  • What is tannic water?
  • What's are the colors of Spinnerbaits particularly Nichols Pulsator Spinnerbaits that JT feels catches fish well in this color water?
  • JT Magnum Weedless Ned Rig Jig Head - a great follow-up bait when they miss your spinnerbait (or other bait)
  • How to fish a spinnerbait around the grass
  • Why you may be missing the "slack bite" when fishing a spinnerbait for bass
  • How to identify the key areas to catch bass in large grass expanses (square miles of grass)

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