Finesse Swimbait Fishing & Sonar Electronics - Mueller

Bassmaster Elite Series tournament bass fishing pro Paul Mueller joins The Bass Univeristy on the water to talk about finesse swimbait fishing. Paul Mueller is the 2014 BASS Nation National Champion and 2-time Bassmaster Classic qualifier and he loves cold water finesse fishing.

Main Finesse Swimbait Fishing Topics

  • 0:45 Swimbait setup
  • 5:00 Selecting the weight jig head
  • 5:30 Why fish a finesse swimbait
  • 6:45 Using electronics to find key areas/ finding hard bottom
  • 8:25 What to look for in cold water scenarios
  • 9:55 Using maps to understand why fish are in certain areas
  • 12:15 Example of what to look for on your electronics 

Paul begins by talking about the bait, jighead and other tackle he likes to use when finesse swimbait fishing. In this video, Paul will cover the following topics

  • What makes the Reins Fat Rockvibe Shad Swimbait and Dobyns Light Hook Swimbait Heads special and how can it help me catch more fish?
  • What is the ideal rod length for finesse fishing a swimbait in the winter?
  • Do I want a fast or slow reel for this cold water technique?
  • Is this technique best fished with monofilament, fluorocarbon or braided fishing line?
  • Where am I looking for bass when the water is frigid?
  • How do I use my electronics to identify areas that may be productive?
  • How do I use my electronics to identify hard and soft bottoms using side imaging?

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