Dropshot Tackle & Knots - Hartman

Jamie Hartman fishes the Bassmaster Elite Series and is a master at fishing finesse baits, as evidened by top finishes on some pressured clear lakes on the 2017 tournament trail. In this on the water video, Hartman talks about one of the most popular finesse techniques, the dropshot (or drop shot) rig. Learn the different rods, reels & line that Hartman uses for his smallmouth and largemouth dropshot setups, including the Cashion Spinning Rods 7' Medium. Jamie demonstrates the knot he uses to join braid with fluorocarbon, a knot that is small, strong and comes through the rod guides easily. He also demonstrates the knot he uses for tying his Owner Mosquito "Light" Hooks to his fluorocarbon leader and a trick for getting the hook to stand out to the side, resulting in better hookup percentages.

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