Dropshot Fishing Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass - Hartman

Elite Series bass fishing tournament rookie Jamie Hartman is on the water to talk more about fishing dropshot rigs. If you missed it, be sure to watch Jamie's video about dropshot tackle and knots for largemouth and smallmouth. In this video, Hartman shares a lot of top-level pro dropshot fishing secrets and answers a lot of common questions about the rig.

Main Dropshot Fishing Topics

  • 0:30 The nose rig
  • 1:20 Shank rigging
  • 3:05 Reel drag settings
  • 4:00 Identifying key areas to fish a dropshot
  • 5:30 Dropshot rig leader length
  • 7:00 How to fish the dropshot
  • 8:45 Detecting the bite
  • 9:45 Fighting the bass
  • 11:15 Top pressure on the fish
  • 12:55 Gaining control to land the fish
  • 13:55 Dropshotting for largemouth
  • 14:50 Adjusting your leader
  • 16:55 Technique for largemouth dropshotting 
  • 18:00 Setting the hook on largemouth
  • 20:20 Power fishing a drop-shot for largemouth 

Dropshotting for Smallmouth Bass

  • How do I put the bait on the hook?
  • What is the correct leader length and when/why does it vary?
  • Why are fish biting the weight?
  • How do I fish the dropshot to get bites?
  • Why use high-visibiliy fishing line?
  • How do I set the hook when I get a bite?
  • How do I keep smallmouth on the line when they jump out of the water?

Dropshotting for Largemouth Bass

  • Why use the clip weight instead of tying a weight on with an overhand knot?
  • How do hooksets differ for largemouth?
  • How does fishing the dropshot for smallmouth vs. largemouth differ?

Hartman also talks about why to fish the dropshot. Many anglers prefer to power fish an aggressive bait, looking for hungry active feeders. Jamie discusses fishing pressure and why your weekend can go from famine to feast, even fishing behind anglers that were power fishing. Learn other situations where the dropshot rig shines in this 24-minute on-the-water bass fishing instructional video.

Want to learn more about fishing the dropshot rig? You'll certainly want to watch Dropshot Fishing - On The Water and Dropshot vs. Shaky Head.

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