Professional bass angler, Missile baits pro and fishing guide Dave Manue talks about a great new bait, developed by John Crews, the D Bomb. Dave talks about what makes the D Bomb a special soft plastic bait, particularly for flipping and pitching situations.

Main D-Bomb Fishing Topics

  • 0:45 What is a d-bomb?
  • 1:20 Color selection
  • 2:00 Where to fish a d-bomb
  • 5:25 Hook selection
  • 7:10 Knot selection
  • 7:45 Tackle selection
  • 8:30 Choosing your d-bomb size 

Mansue also talks about:

  • Color selection
  • Where and how to fish the Missile Baits D Bomb
  • Rigging this soft plastic beaver-style bait
  • Rod, reel and line selection for flipping this bait in heavy cover
  • D Bomb size selection

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