Cold Water Jerkbait Fishing - Feider

The Bass University instructor and cold water bass fishing expert Seth Feider is on the water to talk about the tackle he uses to fish jerkbaits in cold water. In this bass fishing instructional video, you will learn:

  • Great time to fish jerkabits
  • Seth's Jerkbait Choice - The Rapala Shadow Rap - Seth talks about what makes this an amazing jerkbait, particularly in the colder water times.
  • Feider's Jerkbait Fishing Rod - Daiwa Tatula Elite Series - Seth share some information about why he designed this 6'9" casting rod, and why it's important you use a rod with these features when you're jerking all day. Seth talks about the action of the rod and how it will help you land fish you catch on treble hook baits like jerkbaits.
  • Recommended gear ratio reel
  • Fishing line recommendations and what to consider as temperatures approach freezing
  • What knot to tie when fishing a jerkabit
  • Does Seth Feider fish the factory hooks on the Rapala Shadow Rap?
  • What are the best colors to fish for jerkbaits in cold and warmer water?

Winter Jerkbait Tackle Topics

  • 1:15 Rapala shadow rap
  • 1:50 Rod& reel
  • 2:50 Line selection 
  • 3:45 Knot selection 
  • 5:30 Rod characteristics 
  • 6:35 Color selection 

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