Recently Paul Mueller smashed some smallmouth he located with his Garmin units. Now he's out in the cold and clear water fishing for largemouth. The current water temperature is 48 degrees, but Paul doesn't believe that's too cold for good largemouth bass fishing. Paul has three baits that he relies on heavily in cold clear water. A lot of anglers already know about jerkbaits like the Deps Balisong Long Bill Minnow Jerkbait in the late fall, winter and early spring, but Paul has 2 other baits that he feels are great for catching largemouth in frigid water temperatures, including one that he feels is stronger the colder the water gets.

Paul is also on a natural lake that has some healthy deep grass. Learn how Paul approaches these conditions. What are you looking for on your graph that will hold the fish? What are the characteristics of the grass that will hold fish better? Power fishing or finesse fishing? Big baits or small baits? How does grass depth/height determine what lure to use for catching largemouth bass? How important is color selection in clear water?

This bass fishing instructional class is full of information on how to catch largemouth bass in cold and clear water. It will also help you become proficient and fishing shallow water grass in natural lakes. Learn the best lures and tackle for fishing these conditions and how to fish those lures to catch more and bigger largemouth bass. 

  • 0:50 Lake layout
  • 1:30 Conditions 
  • 1:45 Bait selection 
  • 4:50 Bottom composition 
  • 6:00 Map study 
  • 7:30 Depth changes
  • 8:10 Using conditions to your advantage
  • 8:45 Jerkbait fishing 
  • 12:00 Spinnerbait fishing 
  • 14:30 Jig fishing 
  • 22:45 Rod selection for a jig 


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