Bassmaster Elite Series pro Paul Mueller is back on the water fishing for largemouth bass in cold water in post-frontal conditions. This lakes has a good deal of grass, but not a lot of rock or hard bottom. The water temperature is around 48 degrees with rather windy conditions, so Paul Mueller has to figure out the puzzle of whether they will bite moving baits or if you have to put something right in front of them in their smaller strike zone. Paul talks about the challenges of fishing different baits, like jerkbaits, spinnerbaits and jigs in cold water, cloudy, windy, post-frontal conditions. Learn some pro tips for fishing grass lines and reading inside and outside grass lines. Learn what factors determine a jigs fall rate and what changes you can make to adjust the fall rate correctly and maintain the right action and profile.

Topics in this Bass Fishing Video

  • 0:45 Fishing late fall grass
  • 2:10 Looking for changes
  • 3:05 Using different baits on grass lines
  • 5:30 Using the conditions to your advantage 
  • 7:15 Letting the fish tell you
  • 8:25 Fishing with an open mind
  • 11:25 Reading grass lines 
  • 12:50 Looking for differences in the grass 
  • 14:30 Analyzing the bite
  • 18:10 Fishing a jig in tall grass
  • 20:20 Fishing mixed grass
  • 23:30 Building on bites
  • 27:10 Boat positioning 

Once you catch a fish, Paul shares the things to consider when you get the first bite so you can duplicate it and put a pattern together. Paul catches some nice Northern largemouth after getting dialed in on the right jig and the right locations.

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